Location of the Park

We know everyone is super excited to find out where exactly the park will be located, but right now we are only revealing that it will be outside of town about 10 minutes on the east side of Bryan. We hope you understand why we are choosing to keep it under wraps for a short while. We have great reasons for withholding the location! While we develop the park and are working on construction it is important that we have privacy. The need for temporary privacy is to allow our team to acclimate our animal friends in order to ensure their home and care is top notch. We truly love our animals and want to make absolute certain they are 100% ready for our visitors. We promise to release the location as soon as possible! Trust us, we are just as anxious to release as you are to find out!  

Open Date

We currently do not have the "anticipated open" down to a specific date. As we develop and construction comes to a close we will make sure and give the community a timely notice as to when our Grand Opening is expected to occur. Our goal is to allow the public to start visiting in mid 2019. We know you are all anxious for the details, and we are just as anxious to give them!  We will be super active on Facebook and our website in order to give lots of details as structures come up and animals start getting introduced. We want the community very involved as we evolve!