To ensure the safety of our patrons and animals please adhere to the following rules during your visit.

Park hours & operating days are subject to change without notice. Ticket prices and options are subject to change without notice. 

Admission to the park may be denied due to park capacity. 

In the event of mechanical failure or inclement weather, Aggieland Safari may close the park or any of the attractions and exhibits without notice. 

Ticket holders grant Aggieland Safari the right to film, video, or photograph ticket holders for any purpose whatsoever without any payment or compensation of any kind. Photographs posted to public forums operated by Aggieland Safari may be used by the park without payment or compensation of any kind unless specifically declined.  



All visitors must sign a Liability Waiver prior to park entry. A new waiver must be signed at each visit. 

Visitors must wear shoes and shirts while on zoo grounds. 

Pets are not allowed on zoo grounds. 

Approved service animals are welcome, however, they must be announced upon entry to the park. 

An adult must accompany children under the age of 13 at all times. 

Visitors may not tease, molest, injure, or frighten any animal.

Visitors must remain in public areas, and are not permitted access to off-exhibit areas unaccompanied by a staff member. In addition, visitors may only used established guest entrances and exits. 

No smoking/vaping except in designated parking lot areas. 

Alcohol, drugs, or weapons of any kind are not permitted on the grounds. 



Visitors must remain on provided walkways. The crossing of barriers by a person or their body parts at any time is prohibited. 

Visitors may not climb or vandalize any wall, fence, shelter, or other structure on the grounds. 

A select number of feeding experiences in the Adventure Zoo are available to guests. Feeding of any other animal is prohibited. 

Visitors may not wade or swim in the Adventure Zoo ponds or lake. 

A maximum of 10 people are permitted inside the Parakeet Room at one time. 

Discard all trash in the provided receptacles. Buckets provided for lettuce or feed must be returned to the gift shop.  



Aggieland Safari is not liable for any damages to vehicles, and guests enter the Drive-Thru Safari accepting all risks. 

Visitors may only drive enclosed vehicles through the Safari. Open top convertibles/jeeps, vehicles with missing doors, motorcycles, and ATV's are not permitted.  

Large coach buses, school buses, and RV's are not permitted unless previously arranged with a member of Aggieland Safari management. 

Visitors must stay within their vehicles at all times. No sitting on sunroofs, windows, or hoods of vehicles. Riding in the bed of a pick up truck is prohibited.

**Visitors who exit their vehicle at any time within the drive-thru will be immediately escorted off the grounds**

Remove all flags, balls, or other objects from the outside of the vehicle prior to entry.

Guests must adhere to the speed limit of 5mph in the drive-thru. 

Visitors must stay on the public roads at all times, and are not permitted to enter employee only entrances or exits.  

Guests may spend as much or as little time in the drive-thru as desired. Slower traffic should remain on the right side of the road and allow others to pass if required. 

All vehicles must yield the right of way to Aggieland Safari vehicles and staff. 

Feed ONLY the pelleted feed provided by Aggieland Safari. Other livestock feed or human food options is not to be fed under any circumstance. 

Animal feed is to be thrown on the ground into the grass. Do not feed any animal by hand. Aggieland Safari is not liable for any injuries to guests who do not abide by this rule. 

Do not throw any form of trash into the safari pastures. Trash receptacles are available in the parking lot.