Animal Presentations

Various presentations will be offered during our Valentine's Day event! 

These unique presentations are not typically offered during regular business hours, and are a unique opportunity for guests to interact with our staff and animals! 

Included in the cost of admission

Featured Talks

It's otter-ly amazing


Join Bonnie & Clyde for an evening feeding and enrichment session!

TIME: 4:30-4:45p

LOCATION: Otter exhibit at the entrance to    animal barn 

Be my bearkat


Venture through the walk-through zoo to catch a glimpse of our Binturongs, Poppy & Brody! 

TIME: 5:00-5:15p

LOCATION: Binturong exhibit across from hippo lake

Beloved birds


Meet a few of our beautiful beloved bird ambassadors & learn about their care! 

TIME: 5:45-6:00p

LOCATION: Animal Barn lobby 

Ga-ga for giraffes


We know you love our Giraffes! Meet us on the pavilion for a special training presentation! 

TIME: 6:10-6:25p

LOCATION: Pavilion at Giraffe Yard

Reptile romeos


Our off-exhibit reptiles will be making a special appearance specifically for you! 

TIME: 6:35-6:50p

LOCATION: Animal Barn Lobby